Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Shoes for my Baby!

I never thought getting new tires would be such an effort. I called Sam's Wholesale and they only had 5, I need 6. Was told Friday was their delivery date, I I waited and called again. Nope, only had 5. Waco is about 50 miles from me, and I didn't want to make that trip twice. So, I waited again, called again, no, don't have 6. I asked about ordering for me, and he told me they don't do that. Well, with that I decided I would look elsewhere. I found them right here in Whitney, Terry ordered them one day and they were in the next day. Now, all I had to do was drive to downtown and have them installed. Great! He called about 10 and said they were in, so I get ready to go to town. Gathered up my trash, hauled it out to the truck, along with my purse, and water. Put the key, turned it and NOTHING. Dead battery. My fault. I have a "cushion" that vibrates,heats, I had left it on. I don't know how long it had been on, days I think. By now it is really hot. Came back in the RV , called Terry and told him I had a dead battery and I would be there as soon as I could. I called my Good Sam Road Service. They always want to know if I am in a "safe" place. Yes, in my RV. She said it would be about 55 mins. So, I ate lunch, and the wrecker showed up in about 30 mins. Don't know why he had such a big wrecker, but he jumped my battery and I got to the tire place about 10 of 2, waited in the office, and at 10 of 3, I was ready to go! Didn't have much trouble carrying my purse as it was a lot lighter! One more step towards being able to move this thing! Next up is state inspection, oil change, and fuel filter. That's not cheap either, but I should be road worthy. Then I will tackle the RV. 
We have triple digit weather from now on. It is really hot and the heat seems to do a number on me this year. About all I am able to do in 105 degrees us sit under the fan and try to keep cool. 


  1. That triple digit weather would kill me. Stay cool and safe.

  2. Glad the baby has new shoes -- traveling on new tires is definitely a mind-easer! Love my Good Sam's Road Service! Have only had to use it once but it was comforting knowing there was someone to call -- and they called me about every 30-45 minutes until the service truck arrived to make sure I was OK. THEN, about an hour after the truck left, they called to make sure I was on the road and doing OK. Kinda like having an 'angel' in the passenger seat when traveling alone!

    1. Yep, wouldn't leave home without them. I have had to call them several times, sitting in my own driveway! They are always nice, always call to check on me. Aren't they great!