Saturday, August 11, 2012

New Campers?

Last night about eight Kandi starts barking. She does bark a lot but usually not unless she hears someone. So, I look out the window and see I have new neighbors about three spaces down from me. A cute travel trailer, Joey. There are about 4 people  pileing out of a small pick up. Umm, three men, one woman. One of the younger men is coming toward my rig, just sorta wandering around, not walking like a person would that was looking for something. Then, he turns and goes the other way. Mmm, Kandi is barking her head off. Meanwhile at their camp the other fellas continue to set up the trailer, not unhooking the truck. Then they begin to wander around. They go one direction, like they are going to the park models, then, suddenly, turn and wander a different way. Very suspicious. I make sure my door is locked. Kandi will not be quite. My RV is built so that I cannot see my door from my kitchen windows. I have most of my windows covered anyway because of the sun and heat. I get a phone call from my friend in Alvord Texas, she is also wary and cautions me to lock my doors, not to open my door to anyone. I already know this, but she tells me again! I am a cautious person, and being a true Texan, I do carry. This RV park is very open. A person could drive in, stay the night, leave early in the morning and no one would ever know it. Not like Thousand Trails, where you have a gate, and Rangers. You can't just drive in there. I know this is really to keep campers out, so people who don't pay can't come in, not just for your safety. Any way I always felt safer there, knowing I could call someone day or night and I would be answered. Not here, wide open. If you come in after hours, you pick a spot, go to the office in the am and pay. Did not sleep good all night, Kandi kept barking from time to time. When I did manage to get up this morning their truck was gone. In a few minutes, they came back, hooked up and were gone! That same guy was still just wandering around like he was lost, until time to go. 

I will use the excuse I didn't sleep well to say I didn't get any more packing done. I always wait to the last minute anyway!

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