Thursday, July 26, 2012

Finally took a look at the mud flaps. The one on the passenger side sticks out just a little past the fender. That is the one Juan had to weld, and replace the wheel well liner. I am NOT going to take it back. I will just live with it. It's on, and I won't get a ticket. That was the main thing. Also the tail gate opens real easy, so one more step towards being able to move this rig.
I made it to the P.O. and Family Dollar, and the grocery store. While walking into the PO I noticed a big "spot"on the front of my clean shirt! I tried to wet a napkin and rub it out, no luck. So, I must have looked like a slob while shopping. I know it happened when I took my trash to the dumpster. That is one thing I do not like about this park. Even it you lease a spot, you still have to load and haul your trash to the dumpster. It is too far for me to walk it, so I load it on the extra fuel tank in back of my truck and drive it over, then off load it and toss in the dumpster! 
Meanwhile, hot hot weather here in Texas. All week we are expecting to be in triple digits. Storms are up north of me, I hope they stay there! Wish I could find a place to live that doesn't have tornadoes, and triple digit heat! And, no ice either.

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  1. When you find that place to live, let me know and I'll become your neighbor!! I understand about the shirt -- I haven't found a park in years that will pick up trash at your site -- gotta haul it all to the dumpster now. Glad you got your vehicle back. I had to have mudflaps replaced awhile back and it really irritated me that I had to pay to have them put on when they carry the name of the Dodge dealer! They should have paid ME to advertise for them. Enjoy your summer and try to stay cool. I didn't get away from the heat by coming north this year either -- in fact the temps back in Rockport have been cooler than central Iowa! Go Figure!