Saturday, April 30, 2011

Printer Trouble

Ever since I moved my HP all in one, I can't get it to print. It keeps telling me to "remove and check cartridges "  doesn't tell me what to check. I remove them and look at them and put them back but I get the same instructions! It won't let me scan or print anything! I went online to HP and followed their directions, cleaning the cartridges and replacing, still doesn't work. Next, guess I will buy two new ones. It is almost cheaper to buy a new printer!I like my old one and don't want to replace it. It was always so easy to use. Not so much with the Dell and Vista Home Edition!
I drove to Whitney today to check on the RV. She's just sittin there all alone! Told me she wanted to "go go". I managed to get the generator out, and a few other things and had to head back to Cleburne. I still have "stuff" in the bays to take to storage. I enjoy driving down there anyway. I always felt like when I reached the small town of Blum, that I was HOME. Miss it!

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  1. I feel for you. The same sense of loss comes over me when I see RVs driving off the Island at the onset of winter. I always wish I was heading for Arizona too as we did years ago. It will get better though ☺