Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter Everyone

Hope everyone has a Hoppy Easter!
I haven't done a lot lately. I don't think unpacking  will ever end! Seems I just wander from one job to another and not "finish" anything. I get side tracked easily. I run across some travel pictures, or maps of trips I have been on, and there goes my day! My thoughts are of far off places, and NOT on unpacking. I still have my fifth wheel, it is in storage and I still have a few things to get out of the bays. I am already thinking of a van, one I could "make do" for traveling or maybe spend a few boondock nights in if I had to. I don't think I will ever live in a RV again, but who knows what a crazy old lady might do! I think I could do with a E350, passenger van. Put a bed in the back. Also a porta potty right at the rear door. That way I could dump without picking up the tank to empty. I already have a heater, and lantern. A Coleman stove that runs on one pound LP bottles would do for me. I have outdoor grill. I have an inverter to plug in my cig. lighter to charge up computer or watch a little TV, oh, wait, I would need an antenna! How about air conditioner? Think I could hang one out the rear door window? A good ice chest? Maybe a little refrigerator , to hook up when staying in RV parks?  
When my husband and I had a tent trailer we didn't have air or cook stove or potty. It was an old Appleby, you had to build the frame, and actually through the "tent" over the frame. I bought foam rubber mattress, and plastic bags to zip around them. I had a Coleman stove, a Coleman lantern, and a metal dish pan to wash up in. We had a big Coleman ice chest, it was metal. We had the best time ever in Rocky Mountain National Park! It was a step up for us. We started out in a tent. The tent was just big enough for four army cots for the kids to sleep on, and we slept outside on chaise lawn chairs with a blanket. Just the stars for our roof! That's camping!


  1. I loved the old days of camping, and it seems I'm about to get back to a little bit of it. I don't need much at a campsite to keep me happy - comfortable place to sleep, a coleman 2 burner stove, cooler and lantern. Nothing needs electricity to work.

    I have the opposite problem as you right now - I wonder if I can ever get everything packed and out of here in time!

  2. That's the way we started out camping too. In a tent with a 4 month old baby. We had a white gas stove and at feeding during the night it was a production to get the milk warm.

  3. You sound so much more upbeat. Good for you. The unpacking will be there waiting for you so, no hurry, no worry, just do it in your own sweet time. Happy Easter to you too!!! :)