Sunday, April 3, 2011

Stil trying to work it out

I am working my way through all my junk. My old dresser looks pretty good now that I have waxed it an lined with new paper and put away a few of my things. I am taking the advise of some of my readers and trying to "stick" it out. When I get settled I will look for a smaller rig. I just can't see myself giving up the "life" for apartment living. Maybe I can find a small trailer or class c or even a b van. Believe me I have already been online looking for a Roadtrek. I could get enough cash out of my pickup to pay cash for one, but they all have such high mileage. Some over 167,000 miles. I am also looking a Artic Fox travel trailers. I have a great truck, so I am thinking about that too, but, that would mean the expense of putting it in storage when not using it. The van camper, I could drive everywhere! Just some thoughts.
Broke down and ordered Dish today. Sure hated to pay to watch TV, when it comes free over the antenna. Can't get anything here without either cable or satellite. Oh well, I need to have some entertainment. 
Very windy today, so I opened my windows, no need for AC if you have a good breeze. Well, I am on the first floor, and the walk ways and play ground is just out side my window. Seems I had several "visitors" peering in. Good thing I was dressed!  No privacy here. Plenty of birds. They are driving me nuts. They insist on building their nest on my patio light fixture. Wonder what I can do to scare them away. I understand they raise about three "families" a year! So, that's why there's bird poop all over my patio. I wondered if they were trying to tell me something!


  1. I think a Roadtrek or such would be ideal. You could go traveling at a moments notice. That would be my choice. Good luck with the birds. I guess that can be annoying. As for people peeking in your window: put up some cheer curtains. You can look out but nobody can see in or maybe only outlines. There.... I fixed you all up ☺

  2. Hi. I've been following your blog for awhile. I think that if you question your choice of the apartment you should go back and reread all that you wrote about suffering during the winter. You surely don't want to repeat those experiences. Better to have that home base and travel when it's convenient! Also, are you meeting people? New friends there will help.
    Good luck. Rose

  3. Why don't you take a test run in a van camper to see if you feel "closed in"? I stayed in one and had nightmares about it closing in on me and I was very uncomfortable with lack of space. Maybe a super B or class C?

  4. I have a lot of faith in you. You will figure it all out when you don't have the mess of unpacking staring you in the face. When you get everything put away I think traveling plans will fall in place for you.