Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Well Pooh!

I was all set to go to Karaoke tonight and make another cute video! Alas, it was canceled. Maybe Saturday night. Friday night is Gospel singing, maybe I won't miss it this time! I just can't seem to get it together. I have been watching the tornado warnings all day. There were five tornadoes at one time. Several did touch down damaging homes and last I heard one person injured. If you live in Texas, you may get hit! It is really scary in the RV. You just don't have any protection, and most RV parks don't have a storm cellar, only thing to do is go to the restrooms. One thing I have learned is to get OUT of the RV or car and head for the ditch. Get as low as possible and cover your head, or at least keep it down. I don't think much of anything can be done if you receive a direct hit, even if you are in a house. People in RV's should especially watch out, pay attention to the wind. A straight line wind can blow an RV over. I have seen 18 wheelers blown off the road, one time at Lordsburg,NM. It is times like these I am glad I am not in my RV. But, I still miss it. I still have to go and get more "stuff" out. Afraid I might just "hook up" and take off! It is tempting. 


  1. I think you should just "take off" if you feel up to it. The apartment will be there when you get back.

  2. We are having lots of tornadoes here in Indiana too. Hate this weather, but had to come home for a while. I really enjoyed your video yesterday. It was a hoot!!