Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dish is installed

I had such a pleasant experience with Dish Network, after calling one company that installs Dish, and getting so mad at them I just canceled the whole thing. Then I talked to Direct TV, I have done business with them for about 12 years, until last year when I had it disconnected. Then I tried cable. None had very good deals. Then I saw Dish advertised with a different company, so I called them. I was pleasantly surprised at the difference in the two companies, their rep. was a nice young lady, very easy to talk to, and so I signed on. As scheduled the installer arrived at noon. He was such a nice young man, and when I asked him to run the system through my VCR player, he did. Not usually done, but he did for me. Turns out he is a nice Southern boy from Alabama. A town close to Dothan, when my daughter used to live, and I stayed for a month one year. Southern boys are so nice and polite! He had served four years in the Air Force including Iraq. Married a Texas girl! I am very pleased with Dish so far. Thing is I don't think I will get much unpacking done! I was so tired from yesterday's trip to the RV to pack up more stuff. The wind was terrible! High wind had blown one of the vent covers off, and had rained in some in the hallway. I tried to fix it where it wouldn't get wet. I can't get on the roof, so it would have meant a service call of $130 just to look at it, plus a new vent. So, maybe I made the right decision after all. It really puts me in a "down" mood every time I make the trip out to Whitney to the RV. I am sure it will take me two or maybe three more trips to get everything out, and moved to storage lot. Then the chore of cleaning out my storage bldg. begins. I am hoping to get rid of the storage, or at least a smaller one. I have a 10x20. It would really help if I could down size to a small one to just keep some of my camping equipment, because I AM GOING TO TRAVEL AGAIN!! I was hoping by Aug. I could take a trip, wanted to go to the Escapade in Gillett, WY, that is my plan, and ALL my plans are written in Jello! I will try not to gripe about my apartment, forgive me if I slip from time to time. And I do keep reminding myself of all the problems I have in the winter with LP. I just have so much to handle right now, with moving, and my daughter, and all of that coupled with my medical problems, make it hard for an old lady, one that is alone! I really don't have a good "support" group from family, I seem to have outlived most of them and my cousins are all my age and older and have their health problems. My support comes from my RV friends. They are the "family" that calls to see about me, and e-mails me. Glad that I did join the different groups. I have made some great friendships that have lasted from 1997. Thanks everyone for your support. It means a lot to know some one reads my thoughts! 


  1. Hang in there. This will all still be there tomorrow. Who will care in 100 years if you get everything done right away? I say, slow down and enjoy your new adventure.

  2. Having lived in NC for several years and traveling extensively throughout the southeast, I am in 100% agreement that southern boys are polite. Also, for the most part they don't seem uncomfortable at all speaking with adults or the elderly.

  3. I understand how you feel about moving into the apt. and the difficulties you are having moving out of the 5th wheel. I can see myself in the same situation in a few years.