Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fires and smoke!

I don't live close to where the fires are, but the smoke is invading my space! This morning my eyes were burning and I started sneezing. I feel so sorry for those people that had, I repeat, had homes on beautiful lake Possum Kingdom. It is a beautiful area and many people built their retirement homes on the waters edge. There were several fires, and last night two of the largest ones merged, making one giant one that burned homes that cost over $750,000.00. There were many small homes and farms, cattle and pets that were lost. The news is saying that over 100,000 acres are burned, and the town of Palo Pinto has been evacuated. Now, if that isn't enough were are having storms! Several tornado warnings are out for the towns close to me. All Cleburne got was a little rain and some hail. I hope my truck didn't get damaged, but after seeing people loose their homes, I won't complain. It was a lazy day for me, I really didn't get anything done. I am just tired of unpacking! Met some nice ladies when I went to get my mail, and chatted with them. I discovered there is a place to leave items you no longer want, for others to pick up, for free, if they want them. Isn't that great? I don't have to haul stuff to Goodwill if I don't want to!There was a hot "84" domino game going on and plans are being made for Thursday night's entertainment. It is Country Western singing, so you know I'm gonna be there!


  1. It sounds like a good place to live, with people to talk to and things to do.

  2. I hope you are starting to enjoy yourself a little bit. How terrible fires are. There seems to be more and more disasters in the World lately. I hope it stops soon. I also hope your fires can be stopped soon.