Thursday, April 14, 2011

One last trip

I made one last trip yesterday to clean out the RV and put it in a storage lot. I still need to go back and clean out the bays, but I don't need electric for that. A nice fellow came and helped me. He used to have a fifth wheel, so he knew exactly what to do. I only have one box inside, and then clean the bays out. I will put that stuff in storage, so when I start camping again I will have a few things to start with. My storage bldg runneth over! I guess I will be going at least once a month to clean that out. I plan to donate  a bunch of stuff to Goodwill. If I ever go full time again, I will just get my clothes, and walk off and leave all this stuff! I doubt I will ever do that, but, I do intend to travel again, and I hope to once again go to Quartzsite, or the Valley of Texas for winter.
   On the way to Whitney, I passed through Rio Vista,TX. Last Sunday night they had a terrible storm, a tornado, hit them. There were trees up rooted, homes destroyed, and buildings just flattened! I am so glad I wasn't in the trailer, it is only 14 miles from Rio Vista, I would have been scared to death! You don't want to be in an RV in a tornado! I finally found my camera in all my moving,but forgot to take it with me!
This moving is really hard, and even more so when you are alone, and an old lady! Maybe it is a good thing I am doing it now, I don't think I could have done it at all in a few years. There is a time for everything!


  1. You are absolutely right about there being a time for everything, and being smart is recognizing when it's time.

  2. Good that your getting everything settled. I hope you do get to travel again. I am not looking forward to the time we may have to stop, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it. Stay safe.