Thursday, December 16, 2010


I did such a dumb thing yesterday. I was getting ready to go to the post office, putting on my socks, when I noticed my big toe nail needed a trim. So I got my trusty scissors and gave it a nip. What I nipped was my toe! That sucker bled like I had cut my toe off. It took over an hour, and a bunch of cotton balls, gauze and peroxide to get it stopped. I had gauze padding and two band aids on my big toe. Had a problem getting my shoe on! I did make it to the P.O., no check from the insurance company! I guess my blood must be very thin to bleed so much from a tiny little cut. One good thing, it did make me take inventory of my emergency supplies. I found some of my band aids wouldn't stick, and I thought I had a roll of sterile gauze and tape. Need to put that on my list for Wal Mart. Ouch!!


  1. I hate it when things like that happen. My blood is thin anyway, and even a small cut will cause me problems. I hope you can walk ok.

  2. Maybe you need to get some of those clippers that are safety clippers. I am not sure what they are called, but I have seen them advertised and I thought about getting some. I just can't see my nails very clearly anymore, so I know I will end up doing the same thing one day. Be careful, and don't let that become infected.