Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I hate waiting, not know what to expect. Again, nothing from the insurance or my repairman. It was cold last night, down in the 20s, I am so glad I went and got LP. My furnace is set at about 60, and it kept coming on all night. I left my faucets dripping in the kitchen and bathroom, nothing froze. My friend always disconnects hers from the outside faucet. I usually wrap mine, when I had a lease site. I guess I am just lazy, and getting more and more "down". I was hoping to be on the road to Quartzsite before Christmas, but now I don't see that happening. The SOLO's annual meeting isn't until the 18th of Jan. but there are other things going on that I wanted to do!
I was born in Cleburne,TX about 20 miles from here, but was raised in Ft.Worth,TX, so I consider it "home town" and I like to keep up with what's going on there. I was surprised to hear on the weather tonight that the Ft.Worth,Dallas area may get SNOW, can you believe that! They probably won't get enough to stick, but still, it's early for snow in Texas. I lived in Lincoln,Nebraska for 18 months, and I got enough snow and tornadoes to do me for a life time!


  1. This cold weather spell sure is making things uncomfortible for a lot of folks. We've had to disconnect our hose most every night. Cold weather just makes your waiting time seem worse too. You would think the insurance company & repairman could at least call & keep you updated as to what progress is being made!!

  2. Try to think positive - that goes a long way in helping to get what you want and need. This may turn out to be as crazy a winter as last year!

  3. Yes, you need to keep a good thought in your head. I know it is hard when everything seems to be the opposite, but it works. Try it.

    We may be here until Feb. or March. Depends on what is going on in our families in the spring. I know we have a Winter (Donnie's family) gathering in June, so have to be back in Indiana for that.