Saturday, December 4, 2010

Shopping Day

I don't like to go to the stores on Saturday, but today for their "one day" ad there was just too many buys to not go. We have a small grocery store here in Whitney,TX called Davids, it is affiliated with IGA. Sometimes they have a "real sale", so I just couldn't resist. It was a nice warm day, but with a warning we would be having cold weather by tonight! After my return, I took Kandi for a short walk. The winds had already picked up, and my old knees were saying, quit, quit! So I did.
Welcome to my new reader, MoHo, I looked at your blog, OMG, can't believe all that snow! I won't complain any more about Texas weather!
I still haven't heard anymore from my insurance company, but Pidge was telling about their ordeal with putting a roof on their fifth wheel, and how long it took, also their insurance company amount they would pay for motel. I really hadn't thought of getting my insurance company to pay for my motel. I am glad you mentioned it! I think my Good Sam Road Service might also pay. I will look into to it! Gee, thanks Pidge.
I am just a little "down" today, I feel I won't ever get on the road again. I know it's just stress of dealing with all this, and the not knowing, when, how all will take place is getting to me. Then there are the holidays coming up. Holidays are always a bad time for me. Maybe they are for all of us seniors, who don't have family or not close to their family. Everyone always get so hiped up, all the music, and TV Christmas programs. It is just hard to take. I feel sorry for the folks in Nursing Homes, just dumped there, left to die. My daughter was a member of the Texas Girls Choir, and they always entertained at the nursing home. I never thought I would be without family.


  1. I hope you can get what you should from the insurance company. My co. also paid my motel for a week last year when I had to have the 5ver repaired - they would also have reimbursed me for meals although I didn't claim any. There wasn't anyplace nearby that I could see so I just got those awful meals that are packaged and you just microwave. After a week of those I was wishing I had found a good restaurant!

  2. Neither Kelly or I are Christmas people anymore. We prefer to spend the day by ourselves out hiking somewhere or just spending a stress free relaxing day at the rig. We do not get caught up in all those Christmas festivities & shopping madness. I have pleasant childhood memories of Christmas & much prefer to revisit those pleasant days oh so many years ago.....

  3. You know, sometimes when you are on the road, the holidays can actually be a lot more fun. I love Christmas at home, but on the road it is soooo much less stressful. I visit with my kids on other Holidays and we all sorta take a break at Christmas. Releases some of the huge expectations that happen. Find some lights to gawk at, maybe it will cheer you up a little. Of COURSE you are a little down, you are allowed with all that you are dealing with. Here's a hug to you! and yes, lots of snow, which is why we are leaving soon! ha!

  4. We are not in the Christmas mood this year either. I lost my brother and then a very Dear friend, so we won't be partaking of any festivities this year. Just too soon for us.