Monday, December 13, 2010


After days of waiting to hear from someone, I called State Farm this morning. Turns out my repairs have been approved and the check is in the mail! This is good news for me. Maybe, just maybe I will get this thing going again! I know putting a roof on is a big job, and I will have to find some where to stay for me and my dog.
State Farm says that is not covered in my policy, but I am calling my agent today and make sure. My greatest fear is all this is happening right at Christmas time, everyone will be busy, and not sure I will fit in any where! I may have to find a motel that will rent to some one with Pets.
Yesterday was cold and I made some onion bread in my bread machine, really was good with gobs of butter! I know that is on my diet. Seems like the cold weather brings out the cook in me!


  1. Great news about being approved. Wish the insurance company would help you with staying in a motel or something though. The bread sounds delish.

  2. I have always stayed at a Motel 6 which allows pets. (Some of them, such as Russelville Arkansas, only allow 1 pet.) There are other chains - LaQuinta - that allow pets, and some that do but charge you extra. Motel 6 has no extra charge, and they also give senior discounts, at least they used to. Good luck.

  3. Glad to hear your repairs are approved. Last time we had ours in for structural repairs, it took about 3 weeks. Lodging and food was on our dime, so we headed out and did the tourist attractions within a few hundred miles. Stayed at the beach, visited casinos, museums and historic sites we wouldn't have otherwise seen due to an absence of campgrounds nearby and in general had ourselves a good time. Seeing as you are probably stuck through the holidays, I'd hit every parade, festival and church Christmas pageant I could find. There's a lot of different ways to spend the holidays. Perhaps a tour on the end of a serving spoon at the homeless shelters would help you feel more at ease with your situation. Get out and enjoy - no sense feeling down in a motel. Also, you might consider doing some seasonal house-sitting as it looks like your 5er will be ensconced at the repair shop. An inexpensive advert in the paper might be just the ticket to finding a satisfying billet for a few weeks. In any event, hang in there.