Monday, December 20, 2010

Heat Wave!

It was 79 here today, Texas weather is crazy! It's the middle of December, but who's complaining?
Since being able to get into my closet, I have been washing everything! It is really hard to get in the Christmas spirit when the temp is 79 degrees, but I have been looking through my closet for something "Christmasie" to wear. I am still waiting for a check from the insurance company.
I have been invited to come to Christmas dinner at my x son in law's. His wife said a late lunch. Depends on how "late" is late.
It is about 70 miles from here, I don't like to drive after dark. So, I will be keeping an eye on the weather also. The park has a dinner, but you do have to sign up, and bring a dish, so I need to make my mind up. For the last two years it has turned off really cold, windy,and rainy. Seems I can't make any plans lately!

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