Monday, December 6, 2010

No News

I thought I would have some news from my insurance company, or my repair man, but haven't heard a peep!
I have been having trouble with blogger, it seems to have a mind of its own! I think I may have mentioned that I use my Droid phone tethered to the computer to get online. Cell service is not good here, that may be part of the trouble. There are no cell towers close by.
I was so cold last night, I just could not get warm. The furnace did come on, but I keep it set pretty low. I took out my trash, and dumped the black tank, thought I better check my LP while outside, and sure enough both tanks were empty. I got them off, and ran to town to get them filled. $45.00 for two 30 gal. tanks. Then I just happened to run into one of the maintenance men here at the park, and asked him to put them on for me. He did, he is nice and helpful, he was on his way home when I caught him. I just lucked out, I cannot lift them when they are full!
Yesterday I cooked a rump roast in the crock pot, with potatoes, carrots, onions, so I had a nice supper again tonight. I am glad I got LP, for it is going to be cold again tonight, then a warm up. I just need to go somewhere where it's warmer! Arizona?????


  1. I think s lot of folks are having trouble with blogger lately. I can't seem to load pictures easily, and sometimes can't leave comments.

    Arizona has been nice in the daytime the last few days but cold at night.

  2. The Yuma area is generally regarded as the warmer part of Arizona. We are at a higher altitude here near Douglas so it's a tad colder. Think we got up into the 70's today & we will probably drop to about 35 tonight.

  3. It is a little cooler down here too. The low was in the low 30's and highs in the 58* range. I think it supposed to warm up by the week end though.

  4. Call around to the local LP gas companies. I'd bet you can find one or more who will come to you and fill your tanks for a rate that is equal or better than what you just had to pay. Just a thought. Even at the same rate, not driving all over with your car is worth something.