Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thank Goodness it's Over!!

Seems like nothing I plan turns out like I had planned. I have been sick for the last few days. I was in bed Christmas Eve and did not feel like going anywhere! I did manage to pressure cook some pinto beans, open a can of Tamales and make a pan of cornbread. That is what I had for my Christmas Dinner also. I just didn't feel like driving the 140 mils round trip to go to my s-i-l- house for dinner. I just spent the day in my jammies, watching TV and eating my beans and cornbread and Tamales. Talked to my daughter in North Carolina, and my grand daughter in Ft.Worth. I am just glad all the hype is over. 
While resting in bed I was thinking about where to go when I get my rig fixed.  I still don't know when that will be, so plans are still on hold.
I talked to a friend in AZ today, and she says diesel is expected to go to $5.00 per gal! Can't believe that. I sure wouldn't be able to get far from home at those prices.
Very cold here last night, in the 20's, made me seriously think about where I want to live. Some place dry and warm!!

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  1. Sorry you had to be sick on Christmas, but sounds like you did have your traditional foods, so good for you. I can't believe how cold it is down here in Texas. If it doesn't warm up soon, I think we will look for a place even farther south. Happy New Year.