Saturday, October 23, 2010

Watching the Storms

I haven't really done anything of value today. Just watching the storms as they roar across Texas, hoping they will miss us here in Central Texas.
I made a big pot of potato soup. I put a little ham in for seasoning. It turned out very good, I just don't know how I will eat all of it. Thinking about freezing some.
Talked to my friend that lives in north Texas, she missed the storms too!
Everyone in Texas is excited about the Texas Rangers winning over the NY team. I like baseball, but really don't watch it on TV.
After the storms, it has gotten a lot cooler! Makes me think about the upcoming holidays. I have spent so many alone. I really dread them. Seems it just gets worse with the passing of every year. I have a lot of good memories, but just how long are memories supposed to last?


  1. I don't celebrate holidays at all unless I'm with my kids, and I only join in to make them happy. I had two perfectly good normal days last year on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  2. I love potato soup. I usually put bacon in mine, but will give ham a try. Thanks for sharing.