Sunday, October 17, 2010


I have been going to and through Quartzsite, AZ for many years. My husband and I traveled through there in the summer, not a single soul did you see. Then in the winter the town swells to thousands of RV'rs. They just find a place to their like and pull in and set up camp. There is a BLM area called the LTVA, long term visitor area. There are several places you may stay for up to 14 days for free. The area called La Posa is a long term area and costs $180.00 for the season. The season is Sept. to April. You can purchase a 14 day permit for $40.00. This area has a dump and water. It is also close to the "big tent" and some can walk to the activities. I have stayed at several of the 14 day free areas with no problems. It is hard packed sand and you won't get stuck. The Pit Stop in town has LP, and purified water. I took my own jugs, some people use "bladder" on top of their vehicle, or collapsible 5 gal container. I just saved my gallon milk jugs, and I also bought bottle water to drink. Do not drink any other water! The stuff you get for your fresh water tank is for washing dishes, bathing etc. There are plenty of service stations for gas/diesel. Several very good restaurants. Every one needs to go to the Naked Bookseller! He is something else. He is NAKED, a very smart man. Very nice, and he has a wonderful book store with some videos, and tapes for sale. He also buys books. Wonderful Mexican restaurant in town, also Sweet Darleens, close to the bookseller. Then you can go up to Parker,AZ about 35 miles to the Blue Water Casino. They have a good senior buffet, and pretty good slots too! Parker has a Safeway with a great bakery, dollar store and several other discount stores, plus a new Wal Mart, not a super Wal Mart, but a Wal Mart nonetheless. And in Quartzsite, on Kuehn Rd my friends now have a Discount Grocery store. Shown in the pictures is her former business, Western Wall Art. I think she still does have some art and jewelry.

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  1. I didn't realize the season was that long. Are you going this year?