Saturday, October 16, 2010

Emerald Cove RV Resort

I am a member of Resorts Parks International. You must be a member of Thousand Trails in order to join RPI. One winter in my travels I stayed at Emerald Cove RV Resort. It is located in Earp,Ca, which is just across the Colorado River from Parker Az. It is a narrow winding road going into the park. Not a problem though. The park is right on the Colorado River. They were "promoting" their park by advertising $49.95 for a week stay. So I had to wait in line to check in. The guard shack is right in the center of the road, check in on one side, check out on the other. Very tight security. While waiting I noticed the guard shack building roof stuck out over the road and it looked very LOW. My rig is 13 ft and 1 inch tall. I was really wondering if I could fit under it! It looked like someone before me did not make it, for the edge of the roof was damaged! When it was my turn, I edged up very careful, watching the roof line, I just fit! Check in was not easy. I had reservations, but had to verify my number, then pay in advance. I asked for a pull through site, they advertised they had them in their book. I was told, Thousand Trails members were not allowed to park on the water front, or pull through. I was really unhappy, and told the guard I would then have to have help as I am somewhat disabled. I asked if there was one site that I could "pull through" into the one in front of it? That way I wouldn't have to back in. He was very nice when he figured out what I was talking about, jumped in his golf cart, took me right to the site, pulled thru and I pulled right in after him. I got parked, and got my electric hooked up, even though it was Jan. it was hot. Rested before I finished unhooking, decided to look at all the "mound" of paper work he had given me. NO, TV, NO cell phone! They had cable you could rent for $2.50 per day. So I watched some video tapes I had brought with me! I stayed seven days. I went back to Parker, and up and down the river. Beautiful drive. I also made the drive to Quartzsite, about 35 miles from Parker. I enjoyed the park after I got over the shock of no TV or Cell. Met some nice people while there also. So all and all I good stay, even tho I was totally alone!


  1. I will be so glad to not have to deal with the drama of RV parks and their rules about where who can park and/or pull thru, etc. I glad you were able to deal with it though, and get what you needed.

  2. Good to see your on the road again. Stay safe