Friday, October 29, 2010

Just Chillin!

My trip to Ft.Worth yesterday really wore me out. All I did today was make some business phone calls, call in my prescription renewals and rest. Not exactly what I had planned, but guess I need the rest. hope this link works. It has more information on the distemper breakout in Quartzsite. I would make sure my dogs had all their shots. Also, I had been told there is a fungus that lies at the roots of some of the plants, it your dog is one that likes to dig, I would keep close eye on them. Mine doesn't seem to dig.
I am enjoying the cooler temps. It was 40 this morning. Blanket weather!
I wanted to make maps of my up and coming trip, leg by leg to post on my blog. It seems I have forgotten how to do it. I use Streets and Trips. I know the map can be saved in Picasa but I am having a "senior" moment. Any body?


  1. I can't help you out with Streets and Trips because I've never used it. Thanks for the link about the distemper problem in Q. If it is a problem there then it will probably be a problem where I'm going, which is about 40 miles from Q. Always something!

  2. Bad news about the distemper. Most RVers have pets. That will probably put a damper on a lot of people going there this year. Thanks for sharing.