Wednesday, February 1, 2012


This is what I have come to! My mother didn't use a walker until she was in her 80s. I bought this one from a resident here at the apartments for a good price. I thought it would help me get down the hall to the mail boxes, and office. Some times I get a package and have a hard time walking and carrying a box. This way I can sit it on the seat and push it down the hall. It really isn't a long hall, it's just my hip and back hurts and before I can get back to my apartment I need a rest. A long time ago, when I attended camp outs, I saw some people using what looked like a three legged stool with an umbrella handle. When tired you just folded the seat out, sat and rested for a while. One lady said it was nice, but a little heavy to carry. Anyway I thought the walker  was a deal, and it folds and easily goes inside my truck. 
Signs of old age?
Yesterday was a really hard day, I went to Wal Mart and they did not have the electric cart, so I had to walk the store, I had a lot to buy and my prescriptions to pick up. Well, guess what, my meds. were NOT ready. I had called them in several days ago. I waited for two of them, and finally today got a call the other one was ready. Now, another trip to Wally world. Was not in my plans. Ah  the plans of mice and men!

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  1. One of those seat walkers would have been handy for me after I had foot surgery! I bought a walker just to hop one footed around in. Anytime you go to WM, if there isn't a electric cart available, ask for the manager. You might have to wait a little while, but they will locate you one. I had to do that once too.