Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Doing nothing

I had fully intended to go to the bank today, and maybe the store. I had a change of plans. I spent most of my time today in the bathroom. Sure you get my meaning! My back began hurting also, I was afraid to get too far away from the "facilities".
So, I looked at RV's online. There is one just down the street from me. It is another Montana. I had so much trouble with my last one I swore I would never buy another one, and here I am looking at one. It is a lot smaller than my Big Sky. The Big Sky was 37ft and this one is 35. It has a rear kitchen   which I think I might like. I just have to make sure I can get to the fridge when the rooms are in. I don't put my rooms out every time I stop. It does have a place for a W/D, but it is for one of those all in one washer and dryers. I have a stak-pak, which I took out of my rig and am using  here in my apartment. I would have to sell mine in order to buy one of those which happens to be on sale right now at Camping World. I do want a washer dryer. You know some places charge $2.50 to wash a load of clothes? It cost $1.25 a load here.No computer desk, which is a minus. Two recliners, I don't need two. I am going tomorrow to take a look see. I also found one in Houston,TX, that I like but it has the fridge on a slide out and I have always heard, Never buy one of those. Will have to look into that more. Something about not enough air gets around the fridge. A trip to Houston would cost me, about $400.00-$500.00. Diesel is $4.00 a gallon here, and I would have to rent a motel down there, probably for two days. A lot of If's. The Montana here is 2008, and the RV in Houston is 2004. The Montana here is a little more than I wanted to pay, but, with the expense of going to Houston, it's not that much difference. The big difference is having to buy another W/D! Mine is getting old, and it would be nice to have a new one. I have had a Splendide before, its OK, I don't need much anyway. I usually just put my dirty duds in the washer, and when I get a load, wash. My sheets, I have to do one at a time, but with those RV W/D you cant't wash a load and dry a load at the same time. If you are in a park, one that includes electric then I make sure I wash everything I can! Of course heavy rugs would still have to go to the commercial laundry. I don't want any more rugs anyway! Anyway I AM looking. My lease is up here tomorrow! I am not going to say anything unless they do. Then I will give them my 30 notice, and explain that it might run over a few days. They just pro rate it, no problem. Just not looking forward to MOVING again. Already have in mind what to take, and what to dump. I carried my full set of Corning Ware cookware around with me for six years. I never used it! So, it's going up for sale, or to storage. Dumping all the clothes I don't wear, or like. Computer software? Got to go through that and see what still works on my Dell. 
Any hoo, I am serious as a heart attack about moving.

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  1. Sounds like a plan - maybe you can get a better deal out of the one that's closer to you. I hope to never pay the upper costs anymore. Now I use NADA to evaluate the cost of RV's. Of course, if someone added new tires, a new fridge, new upgrades, I would take that into consideration. But you are looking at an '08, so things should be in good shape. Good luck! Looking forward to reading updates!