Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1997 Itasca 31 ft motorhome

In 1997 after my husband died, I bought this Itasca motorhome. It didn't have any slides, but it did have a queen size bed in the rear. I drove this motorhome until I bought my fifth wheel in 2002. I made many camp outs, from east to west without a tow car. Then I bought a 1992 Saturn for a tow car, towed it for many miles with only minor problems(battery). It was very uncomfortable to sit in and watch TV. TV was in the overhead, which I liked, but it had sofa, and dinnett booth. Couldn't see the TV from the sofa without turning your head, so had to sit at the dinnett, not comfortable. So, I went to bed and watched TV in there on a small one that also had a radio. Of course, when I lie down to watch TV, I go to sleep! Very small kitchen, the oven was a laugh, stored my can goods, grocery's, under the sofa.But I sure had a lot of fun and went to many camp outs and Escapades!


  1. If you decide to get a class C again, you can always take out the dinette and put in a nice chair and a smaller table or a desk. I'm going to switch out my dinette for a recliner type chair and a desk next month.

  2. Depending on your lifestyle, a dinette can be a waste or a wonderful place to dine and have guests. For myself, it was a junk catcher.

  3. Sounds like you have nice travel memories in your old ClassC. actually, I have an old ClassC! a '96 that I bought in 2006. No bedroom, it's only a 22' RV.No slides. But my tv is in a cabinet on an extension arm, easy to watch from the sofa. I keep looking at newer RV's, but they are really lacking on closet & pantry space! I don't get it. Mine is small, yet has a big long sofa, a nice sized closet, 2 big drawers & a big pantry. I have the little oven, but I do like using it when I can. For one person, it's ok. I'd prefer the bigger oven, but it does fine for me. Thanks for sharing your old Itasca with us!