Friday, February 3, 2012

Liard River Provential Park,BC

Wonder where the car wash is? Alaska puts an oily substance on the roads to keep the dust down. Boy, it sure makes a mess on vehicles. The metal running boards on our truck was so slick, I had to be really careful.This was a beautiful park, no hookups and no one else in the park. We did eat out when we got the chance. My mother and step dad had been up the year before and warned us not to eat the beef, because Canada didn't have inspections like the US. Shoot, we ate everything we could. Course you know french fries come with "gravy". First time I had ever had that. We had breakfast and lunch in the rig, and most of the time supper too. But when we got the chance we ate at restaurants. My favorite hamburger was at Pink Mountain, loaded with gravy. And, I lost about 15 pounds!

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