Monday, January 30, 2012

Moving right along

Signed the contract on the house Sat. so every thing is A-OK. Closing is Feb. 21 and I have to have everything out. I have a really big job ahead of me. I am having another "sale" this week end, and then will call Salvation Army to pick up the rest. Got to say, I am sooo tired of having sales. I don't mind selling individual things in the paper, but really tired of "sales". I am still looking at RV's, just can't decide what I want, or rather what I can handle. Looking at class c, I have had one, and they are pretty tight for living in full time. Then I still think a Van might be the right choice, but they cost so much money, and the ones I can afford have so many miles. Then , I'm back to a fifth wheel. I still have the truck,hitch,brake controller, extra fuel tank, so I basically already set up. Well, I really think it all depends on my health. Have started my Pradaxa, and it makes my stomach hurt. I hope it will level off soon and I can tolerate it. It is a blood thinner, and I have been cold ever since I started it. Guess I will have to go to Yuma! Their winter temps. are in the 80s. Gee, I may just do nothing at all!


  1. If I could afford another RV it would be a Class C, tight fit or not. Dealing with a 5th wheel doesn't get any easier when as a person gets older. What I'd really like to have is a Roadway Class B, but they are so expensive for what you get that I would rather have a C which would be roomier than the B. Good luck on the sale, as well as finding an RV that suits you.

  2. Lots of full timers in a class "C"..They come with slide outs also.......I personally would rather have a "C" over a van......
    Glad your feeling like traveling anyway....Good Luck.