Sunday, February 12, 2012

Workin' Hard

You know I am. Closing day is fast approaching, and still have a lot to do. My daughter and her fellow came with a cattle trailer to haul off stuff to the Goodwill Store. My grand daughter and her three kids plus one she was keeping came, and my other grand daughter and her fellow came, my son in law, her father and step mom came. Guess who sat in a chair and watched! Me, of course. They did get a lot of "stuff" loaded, and off to the the Goodwill Store, guess what, they wouldn't accept the sofa/hide a bed, because it had a mattress, wouldn't accept a console TV or two stereos, what happened to their needing goods, to keep the handicapped busy? Thought they taught people how to repair TVs and computers etc. I won't be sending anything else there. Won't shop there either! I thought they were a little high in price anyway. Things are getting done. I am hoping the weather will hold and we can get out soon. It snowed here today, just a dusting, and now light rain. It was really cold in the house. No heat, just a couple of portable heaters, and they DID NOT keep the house warm, plus people keeping the door open, and then saying, it's cold in here? I appreciated all the help, and it was a nice visit with my gkids!


  1. You will feel so great when everything is done and I hope that day will come soon.

  2. I usually take stuff I want to donate to Goodwill because they have well marked donation centers all over town. But Salvation Army is another option, and I have heard they will take things that Goodwill won't.