Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rain drops keep falling on my head! Step-Dad and his cattle

I think it's time for the rain to STOP! Gee, I have had more than my share. Trying so hard to get out of the house by the appointed time. Friday, my daughter,her finance' and I went to the house to try to get the last of the furniture out. I had called several places to GIVE furniture to them, Salvation Army didn't want it, United Union Gospel Mission didn't want it and finally Harvest House, a shelter for battered women, knew someone who needed a fridge. So, after a few phone calls to this person, I explained to him, I wanted someone to take both the fridge and gas cook stove. He did call me and let me know he found some one to take the stove, and he wanted the fridge. He showed up with his "helper" a lady that looked very fragile. Couldn't get the fridge through the door! Had to take the doors off the fridge to get it through the door! Meanwhile, the lady was going thru the stuff we had piled up to go to the dump. I told her to take what she wanted, after all it was going to be thrown away. Have you ever seen the show the Pickers? Well, I have never witnessed anything like that for real! They even came back and took more stuff. I did tell them if you want it take it. I found out from talking to the lady that she lived in a mobile home, and used a wood stove for heat. She was very poor, the man and his wife lived in a shack with no heat or water! I am glad they were able to use, or sell what ever I gave them. I truly hope it helped them. They seemed like they were very good people, but you never know. My main thing was to get the house cleared out, and that did happen. While walking around the kitchen among boxes, I tripped and fell. I could not get up for the life of me. Had to call my daughter to come help me. When she got to me, I told her I was taking a nap! Checking to count to cracks in the floor! Well it took her and her boyfriend to get me up. Shortly after that I went home. She finished the job, and let me know all was out of the house. To tell you the truth my fall jarred me pretty good. Made my hip start hurting, but I am better now. The next day was Sat. and it was raining. I had to go back to the house in the rain to meet a fellow I had hired to haul off the trash. He showed up with his rain gear on and loaded his pick up and trailer with trash bags, and the remaining items the "pickers" didn't take, including two good twin beds, and one box springs. Goodwill won't take mattress! Nothing wrong with the beds, or the box springs, they weren't even dirty. Off to the dump they went. Such a shame to just give away stuff, and people won't even come get it. 
  The reason for working so hard to get out of the house is because the buyers wanted to close on the 21st. Well, that didn't happen either. There seems to be a glitch with the Title, and my step-dad who is in a nursing home, and doesn't even know his own son! So, needless to say I am Totally wiped out, my guts are tied in knots. I realize that things will work out, I will be so glad. This has been so stressful.


  1. Thinking of you and wishing for all your troubles to go away soon. You sure had your share. Keep hoping it will get better!

  2. Oh my gosh, falls like that can really hurt. I'm glad that ultimately, you are ok. It rather feels like a car accident. Take care of yourself.