Friday, February 3, 2012

Trip to Wal Mart

Yesterday's trip to Wally world wasn't too bad. I got a place to park pretty close to the door, close to the Pharmacy. Thing is, I still had to stand in line to get my RX, then, step over to the window for your package/ pharmacist asks if you have had this before. What a pain in the butt. Been taking it for years! Got to find a better place to get my refills. The reason I chose Wal Mart was so I could get a refill anywhere I traveled. Speaking of meds. my pain doctor had started me on Gabapentin generic for Neurontin,before Christmas. When I got so sick, I stopped all new meds. Couldn't stand the thought of another capsule. I am back on it and I think it does help my pain going down my left leg. It is for people with nerve damage. I am hopeful I can do without the shot in my back. I would really like to try something else before that happens. 
When I made it to the check out lane, a package of sugared donuts just jumped into my cart! Well I just had to have them. Ate one as soon as I got in the truck, along with a pain pill. 
Garage sale was supposed to start today, didn't happen. After all my efforts of making sure I had my meds., paid my rent, got my mail. Packed all the stuff I take to the house, money pouch. some snacks. empty sacks etc. My daughter cancelled this am, I didn't think an old woman should be there alone, so I didn't go either. Went back to bed and took a nap, I was tired. Even doing that, I sold a washer/dryer and twin bed. How's that for an old broad?

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  1. I think it's darn good for an old broad! We can still accomplish a lot once in a while - just need a nap afterward.

    I use Costco's pharmacy, but when I'm in NY I have the prescriptions transferred to a local family-owned pharmacy. I usually have to go back the next day because they have to phone Costco and get it transferred to them. Then I do the same thing back at Costco when i return. I don't mind it though.