Saturday, March 3, 2012

Back to the drawing board!

After looking at the fifth wheel I thought I might like I decided there was no way I could live in it. It was another Montana, but very small. Really nice, rear kitchen, no pantry? Had a central vac. center, king size bed,(I don't need or want), a fire place!!! I would have to buy a Splendide washer/dryer, about $1000.00 plus installation. It was very nice but just not for me. So, I will keep looking. I may look at Motorhomes. Really don't want to live in one, but I have not really considered how I would do that. I know people that do, and have no trouble at all.To just make my day the TV in the living room went out. Just quit, well it's tired, it is 10 years old. I won't have it repaired, replacement, maybe. I have one in the bedroom, so I am not desperate. 
Today is Saturday, and I had planned to go looking at RV's, but now I am really not in the mood. 
I stopped yesterday at Chicken Xpress and got a three pc. order of fish. Couldn't believe it was $8.00! It was very good, and had a lot more than three pieces. For that money I could have eaten at a nice restaurant. I enjoyed it, so I guess it was worth it, I don't eat out often, and was tired and needed to eat as I had missed my lunch. Well, back to my cleaning.


  1. While I think I would love to travel in an RV again, I don't think I could ever want to buy one! I'm not feeling well, which may color my ideas. I love my mobile home, but it has many of the negatives of an RV.

  2. I've noticed on many of the newer RV's, the lack of closet space & no pantries. We NEED those things! I'll keep following along to see what you ultimately end up with. I love looking.

  3. I check the PPL website all the time, even though I know I can't afford another one right now. They show all the floorplans and I think it is the best website for browsing RVs.