Friday, May 6, 2011

White Shell Jewelry Box

This is one of the Jewelry Boxes I sold in my booth at the Antique Mall.
My daughter and I went to Harlingen,TX in 2007. While down on the coast I made contact with a wholesale company to sell some of their shell gifts. All sold but the Jewelry boxes , I have one white, and one natural shells. They are beautiful, and I will be listing on e-bay soon.
We had a great time while on the Texas coast. It gets pretty hot in the summer, but we went in Jan. and it was pretty warm then.
One of my favorite places it Port Aransas,Tex. you can boondock right on the beach. They do charge a fee for a permit to do so, but it's not much, maybe ten or twelve dollars for a couple weeks. There is a County Park there too that is very reasonable, but my rig wouldn't fit into their spaces. I was able to drive right on the beach! A lot of people fish off the jetties, and there used to be a "gambling" ship that went out close to the jetties. I am looking forward to going there again someday. Hope I have a smaller rig by then and can stay right on the beach!

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