Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just lazy

Guess I am just lazy! I didn't get anything done today. My truck is loaded with stuff from the storage bldg. that I thought I just had to have. Guess it will be there when I get 'round to it.
I have been having trouble with my HP all in one printer. I went on line to HP and followed their trouble shooting guide. It ended up telling me to get new ink cartridges, so I went to Staples the other day and bought both the color and black. Yipes! I could have bought I new printer for what I paid for the two cartridges. In fact they had one on sale as a close out for $59.95, but of course they were out. If they were out, why then was it still on the counter? Anyway the ink cartridges with tax was $62.00. I have not installed them yet. I am thinking about going to Wal Mart to see if they have the printer, if not I can install them then.
I still have my mail forwarding service from Escapees, and today I went to the mail box and picked up my mail. I got my Loners on Wheels news letter, and lo and behold there was a Roadtrek for sale by another LoW member! It is just what I am looking for, 17ft. has a full bed in the back, potty,shower and only 78,000 miles. It is an 2002 and she is asking $16,000 for it. Two draw backs, it is in MO and there is another lady coming to look at it next week end. It is a Dodge, and I really rather have a Ford, but, if it is as clean as she says, I would be interested. It has new tires, and new battery. Just have to wait and see. Of course I don't know how I would go get it, if I sold my truck to purchase it! Well, I will work that out if I have a chance. Also I am looking at a small 23 ft fifth wheel. It is new, 2011, has one slide and it is about the same price as the Roadtrek! I already have the truck to tow anything,new brake controller, hitch and all. It is just a thought. I am just looking at all my options. I think a new trailer might be the best deal. Then I would have to pay storage, insurance and tags etc. With the van I could use it everyday and park it here with no problem. Only one insurance, one license,one inspection. So hard to just wait. I haven't even unpacked!


  1. I think the van is a good option for you. You could still travel, but it would be small enough for you to handle. You will know when you see it. Thanks for answering my question about your daughter. May God Bless her..

  2. Just saw this post in the Escapees forum:

    We are selling our 1999 Roadtrek 190 Versatile, featuring: 57207 miles. Dodge 350 5.2L V8, Rear Wheel anti-lock brakes, Generator, A/C, 3-way Refrigerator, Microwave, Range, Sink, Shower, Toilet, Hitch, Awning, Fantastic Fan, Screen package for side cargo and rear van door windows, Screen package for side cargo door opening, 4 seats, dinette/bed in back, over cab storage drawer. Great condition in and out. $19,000. Located near Ann Arbor, MI. Call 734.483.8069 or email

  3. I also have an HP All-in-One, but I buy my cartridges a lot cheaper on eBay.
    Mine are are $17.49 (free shipping) for both color and black through abacusink. So I usually keep some in reserve. I have bought from them for years, and they haven't given me a lick of trouble. Hope this helps.

    I have a B+, and it can be parked in a regular parking spot. I have had several B's, but my B+ has duals, so it feels sturdier on the road, especially in windy conditions.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX