Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Escapee's Magazine

I received my Escapees Magazine today. I always enjoy reading Kay Peterson's article Thoughts for the Road. If you don't receive the magazine you are missing a great read. Kay was telling about a letter she had received asking how to choose from all their possessions to go full time in a 25 ft. RV. Kay response was to choose things, as if your house was on fire, and you only had 10 minutes to get out! What would you grab? Make a list of those things, then pretend you only had 5 minutes to get out. Cross off five things from your list of 10! When it comes right down to it the things we value the most are friends and family! Memories of past trips, and gatherings are things you don't have to put on a list, they are with you always. Kay said she would grab her computer, because it has her information on the hard drive, pictures, phone and addresses, and other records. Let me just add, always back up your computer! I am really bad about not doing that. Maybe you don't have your medical information on your computer, I don't. That is another thing I need to do. I have been seeing a commercial for a "new"scanner that lets you scan your documents to a folder on your computer. Wouldn't that be great, scan every receipt, RX, maybe pictures right to a folder. I don't know how much they cost, but it would be great. I look forward to reading my magazine every time. It always reminds me of something I should do. Thanks, Kay!
I wish my computer would unpack all my boxes for me. I seem to have gotten one of the dumb ones, it can't even spell!

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