Saturday, May 14, 2011

Went to the rig

Yesterday I drove down to Whitney to my rig. I took Kandi with me, a big mistake! The weather was very cool and I thought it would be a good day to work on getting the rest of my bays cleaned out. First off, the highway from Cleburne to Whitney is and has been under construction for months. I think it is actually getting worse. It took me one hour to go 27 miles! By the time I got to the rig, had to go to the bathroom. Lucky I have the rig! I stopped and paid my storage rent for another month, $25.00. Not bad, but it is just out in a field, and this time the RV parked next to mine was gone. I pulled up close to the side with the door, and the wind nearly blew the door off. Still, I was able to unload that side of the bay. Kandi had to get out and do her thing, and picked up a few thousand stickers. So much for grooming. Then I moved the truck to the other side, sunny over there and seems like the wind wasn't too bad. After about an hour I realized I needed to eat, and the bed of my truck was full anyway. Where DID all that stuff come from?? The grass was very high on that side, guess they couldn't mow because of the fifth wheel that was parked there. Something really was biting me, even though I sprayed with Deep Woods before I left the apartment. Made it to Sonic for a hamburger and fries, Kandi enjoyed it as much as I did. Forgot to get her a water "bowl", so after I got my drink, I let her have my water I had brought in my travel glass. She is really funny looking drinking out of my glass! She got the idea though. I have a case of drinking water in my truck. It is still there from my stay in Deming,NM. Wasn't worried about not having water for her. Then to the storage bldg. which is just across the street from Sonic. Every time I go to the storage bldg. I think how stupid I am. I have a 10x20 and have been there six years. There is NOTHING in there worth that kind of money! Here I am putting more stuff in there. By then it was hot, and I was feeling sick. Don't eat a big meal, and then try to work. I finally got the truck unloaded, had to just lean over the seat and rest several times. Couldn't manage to actually get in the truck. Really over did it, but I was determined to get the bays cleaned out, which I did not do. I really need help, and guess I will have to hire someone to help me. Either that or just quit paying on it, and let them auction it off. Thing is I still need to go back and pick through boxes and get what I want. The storage won't let me have a "sale" or I would do that. I am NOT able to haul all that to a flea market either. So, don't know what I am going to do. I first had intentions of downsizing and now, I want to have no storage at all. The next move I make will be to AZ and I sure won't drag all that junk along. So tired today I can't move, plus the bugs had a nice meal on my legs. Looks like fire ants got me. 
I am having trouble with Blogger too. I worked for an hour changing the looks of my blog, and it didn't save it. Looks the same. I did notice one day, I could read only, couldn't post or leave comments.


  1. I had the same problem with blogger day before yesterday. Must have been a glitch.
    You raise a good point, we still have things in storage we didn't have time to deal with last Fall when the hubby got sick. I never considered how we would get rid of it once we had the time.
    I think I will just haul most of it to the Thrift store, or the dump.
    Sorry your trip went so badly, hope you're feeling better and get a chance to get your rig on the road, where it belongs!

  2. So you plan to move permanently to Arizona? Do you have a location picked out? Fifth wheels seem to hold a lot more stuff than anyone would think, and when it's time to empty them out and find a place for everything, it can be a real problem.

    One of my goals this trip east is to close out my storage in NC. I will probably end up shipping some of the stuff back to California, but it's better than paying out all that money every month.

  3. Yes, blobber was screwed up for a couple of days. Lost my whole post and all my comments. You are getting there. Rome wasn't built in a day, just take your time. Wish you had family close by that could help. I haven't been on line much because of my eyes and poor internet, but was wondering about your daughter?

  4. I'm just starting out on my RV journey, and cleaning out my house and putting it all in the garage. If my daughter does not want it or if it does not fit in my small class B+, its being sold or given away. I had a storage unit a few years ago when I owned a business and I felt I was wasting money then. I'm not going to do that again. Emotionally its hard to part with stuff, but we feel so much better when our lives are lighter - and we don't have to think about all of the "stuff" anymore.

    Take it slow and ask for help, and you will feel better about all of it - instead of being overwhelmed. My nieces and nephews are a great help to me.