Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nothing New

Nothing new from me for the last few days. I did buy an under the counter light to go over the sink area, and the maintenance man installed it today. He also fixed my patio door, the weather strip was too low and dragging and made it very hard to open. 
It has been rather cool here, in fact I have the heat on.
Going through boxes trying to find all my important papers. I don't have any drawers in my computer desk, so I am wondering how to solve that problem. I can relate to Gypsy's  frustration!      
My twin bed is for sale on e-Bay. Decided I don't have room for it, hope it sells. Also thinking about the generator, I may sell it also. 
I was watching a small class b van on e-Bay. It started at $22,000. It was a 2004 Pleasure Way with about 50,000 miles. I really liked it, but it sold for over $30,000. I wouldn't have paid that for it, even if I could. It was nice, but not that nice. It does tell me that when I am ready to get a van, I will be able to find one. Since I am rigged to pull a fifth wheel, I may look at a real small one, about 22 ft. 
I had at one time a booth in an antique mall, in fact I have had three. Well, I found some "left over" sales stuff in the storage bldg. Guess I will be listing more stuff on e-bay. May open a store!

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  1. Good luck with selling your stuff! And I hope you find the perfect RV for you.