Monday, May 16, 2011


Well I missed Bingo again! It was at 3:00 and I was trying to find change for a $20.00 dollar bill, by the time I did Bingo had already started. You don't want to interrupt old ladies when they are playing bingo!!
I stopped on the way back to my apartment and visited my neighbor Barbara, I had met her when I first moved in, but you know I can't remember names. That's called CRS,(can't remember shit) a decease a lot of old people have, and some who are not so old! Barbara has her apartment fixed up really cute. She is into plants and has every nook and cranny filled with plants, and other decorative items, they even spill out the door and along the hallway. Enjoyed our visit, and I was looking at her patio door, thinking about screening mine in someday. She has a regular screen door that opens out to her plant filled patio. It is something you have to buy, and find someone to install. Did find out, after you are here one year, they will clean your carpet for you. That's nice. Barbara has lived here eight years! Cooked a meat loaf and mashed potatoes. Tried out the dishwasher tonight as I was not feeling very good. Only the second time I have used it. Barbara did show me how to use the self cleaning option on my oven. See, I am not too old to learn new tricks!


  1. I think self cleaning ovens are the best thing ever invented. I'd do dishes by hand in order to have a self-cleaning oven, and of course, a no-frost freezer! I really hated how the frost built up so fast in the 5th wheel's fridge. It sounds like you live in a pretty nice place.

  2. Love your computer desk area. Meat loaf sounds so good. Nice that you are getting out and meeting people.