Thursday, May 19, 2011

Made a trip to

Wal Mart. I just can't seem to get up early, maybe because I stay up watching crazy shows like the "storage wars" on TV. It is about people bidding on storage buildings. Some turn out pretty good, as far as getting their money back and making a few bucks. One couple has a Thrift Store, and that is how they supply it. Another older fellow is a collector, seems he has no luck and all. Any hoo I got a late start, and after making my list I still didn't get all my goodies. 
Guess that means another trip. I did buy a tomato plant, pot, and potting soil. Also found some curtains that will work for the bedroom window. My truck is still loaded from the last time I went to the rig, had trouble getting in all my grocery's. Maybe I will get around to cleaning it out tomorrow. It is supposed to rain again this week end. I was going to the rig to get the rest of my things out and make a trip to the storage bldg. If it is raining I won't. Want to see what the new curtains look like, course they need a press. Wonder if I still know how to iron? 

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