Friday, May 21, 2010

What A Day!

Yesterday I went to Ft.Worth,TX, a 70 mile trip one way from Whitney,TX. I made several stops. I stopped in Burleson, to visit with my grandkids step-mother. I hadn't had lunch, and being a diabetic was really needing to eat. She shared her chicken, left from her lunch with me. Was good, and I felt better. She works at a hearing aid center, and in between customers we did get to chat. She had some wonderful pictures of my grandson and great granddaughters for me. I am so proud of my grandson, he will graduate May 28th. We lost his mother when he was just six years old. My granddaughter was seven. Losing my daughter was the most horrible thing that could ever have happened to me. She had a brain aneurysm.
I drove on to Ft.Worth, to visit my eldest daughter. I had not seen her in several months. Had a nice visit with her and my granddaughter, and her three children. Time to head back to Whitney. I used to live in Crowley, and remembered the wonderful bar-b-que there, so I stopped to get a chopped sandwich and one of their huge baked potatoes with everything on it! Stopped at a Kroger and got diesel at $286.9 per gal. It is $3..09 here in Whitney. Headed home to Whitney. I knew I wasn't feeling well, I really needed to eat, but thought I could make it home. By the time I got to my trailer it was about 7:15. My usual dinner time is 5:00 pm or close to it. I was really in bad shape. Did not think I could make it from the truck to my rig. I carry glucose tabs, but couldn't find them in my purse. I grabbed some candy, then I found my glucose tabs and had one of those. By then I began to feel better. I did eat my big baker, but just didn't feel like eating my sandwich. Just went to bed. When my sugar drops low like that it does something to my nervous system. I spent most of today in the bed. Kandi seemed to know I didn't feel good and she kept me company. I really need to pay attention to my diet, and be sure and eat on time, no matter what. I have no help here, I don't think anyone would ever check on me until my rent was due!

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