Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shine Baby Shine!

The day was nice, not too hot. I decided to wash my truck. It is white, but beginning to look black! It is parked under trees so I guess the sap and stuff fall on it. I washed and washed! I cannot reach the top, even by opening the door and stepping on the rail. I had a little "boo boo" on the right rear fender, so I got my rubbing compound out and rubbed and rubbed! Finally got my little buffer out. Course it took me awhile to get the extension cord out, plug it in and wonder why it didn't work. The "on" switch seemed to be stuck. Got my screwdriver and got that going. Drug my chair out by the fender, got my rubbing compound. Then decided it was getting way too hot. Well I did get a little of it off. I took pictures of how nice it looked but couldn't get them to download on this computer. Maybe tomorrow. I will have to back the truck in, and get my ladder,then get it the bed of the truck to do the top. Give me something to do tomorrow. If I can get out of bed! I am really tired tonight, and of course, my sugar dropped too low, making me feel even worse. Really getting old when it takes me two days to wash a truck!

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  1. It can easily take me two days to wash my truck. I put a 3-step ladder in the bed and still can't reach the entire top, and then there is the problem of reaching the middle of the hood. I can't wait to get something smaller, a car or SUV, but I will miss my truck.