Friday, May 28, 2010

Poodle Grooming Day

I had all my trash gathered, ready to walk down the drive way to the garbage cans, Kandi wanted to go, so I put her leash on and took her too. About half way down she had to do her "job", so I eased her over to the grass, not wanting her to do it in my drive! Then we went on the the garbage cans. I noticed her acting funny, when I looked she was covered with those pesky grass burrs. I couldn't believe she got so many so fast. Course you know poodles have a lot of hair. When we got back I tried to pull them out, no luck. So I thought, I will cut them out, that would be a lot easier. I put her on my kitchen counter, put a damp paper towel in the sink to catch the dog hair. Then starting cutting. Well I spent the next hour or so with the scissors then I got the clippers. After about two hours of grooming, I decided might as well bathe her. So we had a bath. I do mean WE. By the time I got through I needed a bath! After my bath, I decided to wash the towels. So, that was my entire day ! Still didn't finish my truck. Kandi looks so nice and white, and smells good too.
It was hot here today, and the humidity was 47 %, too hot anyway to work out side. The humidity really does a number on me. Just can't breathe when it gets that high. That is one of the reasons I like Arizona.

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