Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I am still trying to recover my Genealogy files! I haven't posted any Genealogy pictures. I found out that Picasa stores your Blog pictures on a web album. Picasa is a free download from Google. I think that is a great idea. So maybe I didn't lose all my pictures when my Dell crashed! This computer, my old Toshiba is 2002 model, seems the CD ROM drive quit working. I can't save to a CD, so I have saved to a flash drive. I have been working on my Ancestry for about fourteen years now. That is a lot of work. I do have printed copies, but they need to be updated.
A great number of my Ancestors were in the Civil War. I don't know why anyone would call any war civil, it certainly not civil! Tracing your Ancestry is a great hobbie for any RV'er. I had hoped to travel to some of the Confederate Cemeteries some day. For now, I will have to concentrate on the cemeteries in Texas. I have added a great Blog to read, from Ancestry.com

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  1. I am super careful now to save my database to a flash drive everytime something is added or changed.

    I refer to the War Between the States, or another title I won't post here.