Monday, February 28, 2011

Just relaxing

I haven't done much of anything in the past few days. Just relaxing and doing some internet searches for a bed. I have some furniture, but no bed. So far Sam's Wholesale has the best price. I think it will be fun, for a while to decorate my apartment. There are a lot of "furniture, and used furniture shops" in Cleburne. I need to get a recliner too. I have to get my feet up, due to poor circulation. The apartment is not very big, 832 square feet, so I don't want to overload it with stuff.  I have a storage bldg. full of Junk. I will be glad to quit paying for that!
It is very windy here today. I must get outside sometime today and prepare to move this rig! It is also chilly out. Not looking forward to doing that, but I AM looking forward to going back to Thousand Trails Lake Whitney park.


  1. It sounds to me like you will have a decent sized apartment. When I moved into the apt. I'm in now I had to buy a mattress & springs, and I borrowed the rest which is mostly the kids' spare furniture and some things from my late ex-husband's house. I think you are going to love the change.

  2. You sound like you are in such a better mood since you made up your mind what you want to do. I am happy for you. Maybe we will still meet somewhere down the road. Hope you will keep blogging.