Saturday, February 5, 2011

Going back to TEXAS!

This has been one of the roughest trips I have ever made. I have boondocked in the desert at Quartzsite and not been as cold! I know that all the nation is getting cold and icy weather. New Mexico really got hit hard. There are 10's of thousands of people with out gas for  heat. Of course they get their gas from Texas. I had never heard of Texas having "rolling" blackouts, but guess they are this winter. I have never been so upset with an RV park, or LoW's membership group in my life. That is another blog, I will have a lot to say, but not today. I am still too mad!
I heard from an apartment for Seniors in Cleburne,TX, that I had checked out some years ago. She says she has an apartment for me when I get there! So, I am on my way back home. I hope it works out,if so I am going to take it, and look at other ways to travel when I want to. Motel 6 opened up some doors for me! Didn't know I could do it, and enjoyed my stay there. I think it would be a lot cheaper too! When I got diesel the other day it was $3.31.9 gal, now it is $3.59.9 a gal. It will put a halt on a lot of travelers. I would like to have something like a Roadtrek, small enough to park on the street, and could overnight in. I still enjoy going to camp outs with my Single friends, but pulling this big rig is not fun, and especially for just a week end camp out. 
Life is about changes. I think it is time for me to make some changes in my life. I want MORE fun and laughter! I have had enough sadness and stress!
The wind is blowing up a gale right now, I tried to hook up, but I just can't do it at the moment. Maybe it will calm down and I will get hooked up, except for the electric. I will be able to get through El Paso pretty early. 


  1. Under the circumstances I think you are probably doing the right thing. There comes a point for all of us when changes have to be made. I also think being able to go with the changes instead of resisting them is probably healthier in the end. Downsizing will be in our future as well especially with the way things are going with gas prices. Safe travels to Texas & I hope everything works out for you.

  2. I agree with Al. I'm facing the same questions and considerations you are right now - I want to travel but not with a 1 ton diesel truck and the price of fuel. I have always thought I would be happy in a tent or a teardrop camper, but people try to talk me out of it and darn it, I listen. I would start looking for a permanent place to live but can't afford CA or NY, and that's where my children and grandchildren are. Good luck to you, and I look forward to hearing what you decide.

  3. I'll be interested to know what upset you so much about the Low's. I enjoyed my time there in Deming, but it was in November, not January/February.

  4. Sorry to hear your trip has been such a bad one. Like the others, I think you are making the right call. A smaller rig sounds like it would be great for you. Good luck with the appartment. Stay warm.