Wednesday, February 2, 2011

8 in Deming, NM

It was 8 this morning when I got up, it has finally made it to 14! The weather man says we will be -2 in the am. Coldest it has been in NM in 30 years! About all I can do it stay in bed,under my electric blanket, and pray the wind will stop blowing! My furnace has been running all day. I had to go out at 8 this am and turn my last tank on. I hope I don't run out, before I can get out to get more. I have my electric heaters running also, but they don't do much when it is this cold! This life is just too rough for this old lady!! 


  1. This brutally cold weather is sure hard on everyone living in RV's for sure. You are even colder over there in New Mexico than we are just up the road here in Arizona. Keep yourself warm & hopefully you will not run out of propane.

  2. It is cold here again too. Our water is frozen again, but this time on the park side. We still have to thaw it out though. Stay bundled up.

  3. Hi Roadrunner,

    Just found your blog. I can't believe how cold it is in Deming! Temps here in Mississippi are hovering near freezing, but now I feel lucky to have that. :)

  4. I hope your staying warm ! Haven't seen you lately glad your still on the web. I've stayed inside as much as I can. I can't take the cold cold wind, but sometimes you have to take the fur kids out for a walk.
    Hopefully Friday will be a warmer day and we can get out and about.