Wednesday, February 16, 2011

LoW-Hi RV park, Deming, NM

I am just going to make a few comments on LoW-Hi Ranch in Deming,NM and won't say anymore about the subject.
I realize that Deming was hit hard by the weather, and I just got caught in it. 
The first tank of LP I got by myself, but needed help to put it back up in the rig. Now, I know, there are people out there that think if you can't do it, maybe you shouldn't be in the RV. But, if all of us had that attitude, then all disabled people would never get to do anything. I just keep trying and usually don't need much help. I was told by the person working the desk, they don't have a maintenance person at all. That is really hard to believe, being such a large park, open to the public, and a Passport America park. It is also an Escapee Discount park. When I ran completely out of LP, and called the park office for help, I was referred to the manager, I think her name was Terri. She offered no help at all, and told me there might be a member in the park, willing to help me. Well, duh, if I were able to go around and knock doors asking for help, then I could have gone and got my own LP. I am telling you, for true, I couldn't breathe, the wind took my breath away. I am a diabetic, and heart patient. I really thought I would freeze to death. When you can't breath, and are having chest pains, YOU do panic! I just feel that she failed to do her job, which is taking care of the park.
I have been a member of LoW's for well over ten years. I have gone to that park many, many times and always enjoyed it. Things have changed. The LoW's are changing. Their membership is dropping. Their news letter is a mere page or two. They keep cutting things to save money, and I think it will eventually put them under! The individual chapters are another subject. They seem to be doing well. I have many friends in the Cen-tex group. A fine bunch of people. Had I been with them at a camp out, it would be a whole different story.
I am a Charter lifetime member of Good Sam. and I called them, in their system they have a Standby Sam
group that is willing to help other Sam members when they are travelling. The lady they referred me to had just had surgery and couldn't lift my tanks, BUT, they were so concerned they called the Sheriff's 
department, and they did come out, but went to the wrong trailer. Wonder how he got the wrong site number?  I don't know, but it does make you wonder.
Now, when I was a young woman I was the night manager of a large,88 room motel in Ft.Worth,TX.
Even with me being so young and dumb, if one of my guest had called for help, I would have gotten them help, and if I didn't Know who to call, I would have found out. I would have gone myself to see if I could help! This is what has turned me against LoW's park. I have known many of their Presidents, and thought they were great. This was a Park Manager, she may have been "new", but should have had enough sense to get help for me.
That is all I will say on the subject. 


  1. You should send this info to Escapees, so that they know about a park that they advertise.
    It's hard to get anyone to take a few extra minutes to help others.

  2. So sorry you had such a bad experience. I would have tried to help you if I had been there and known about it. I'm not so good at lifting heavy objects either. When I was last there, they had a propane delivery guy that came around. I should think he would have been able to help you? I guess that's the problem with transient staff members. :(

  3. Yes indeed, this has been the "Trip From Hell" for you. Good luck in your search for senior appartment living. Hope you find a really nice one. You deserve a break.