Sunday, February 20, 2011

When IS the right time to hang up the keys?

I am having a lot of trouble even thinking about giving up my RV and what little traveling I do. But, when is the time to hang up the keys. When you don't enjoy traveling? Maybe when it is too expensive? Or when you aren't able to do it by yourself? 
I have found a nice apartment in a senior community, on the ground floor. They seem to have a lot of activities, and I have already met some nice ladies. I have made an application, but haven't heard back yet. It's just in talking to some of my RV buddies, I really want to keep on keeping on! Still want to travel, make some camp outs. But, I remember how hard this last trip was on me, and my pocket book! It's still not over. Hard to get in and out of my rig, with no steps. I am using a step ladder for now. Also lost a "foot" pad on the front jack. I have looked in Camping World, and asked other people where to get a replacement. No one seems to know. I am not looking forward to moving. I have way too much junk!


  1. If you can still drive, maybe a small class B camper van will allow you to get away from the apartment and meet up with some of your RVing friends. I would think whatever you can sell your 5th wheel and truck for could pay for a used van.

  2. I'm in the same boat so I know your dilemma. I can still do the RV thing but I'm asking myself more often if I want to. I will still travel as my kids are on opposite sides of the country, but if I could get a more fuel efficient car and a scamp or casita, I think I'd do it.

    I agree with Teri that you might be able to find yourself a small van. Good luck whatever you decide.

  3. Maybe you will meet some other ladies at the appartment complex that want to travel. You would not only have companionship, but also some help with setup and breakdown. I think the other two commenters are probably right about getting something smaller though. good luck on whatever you decide.