Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Story Continues

I thought I was "home" safe when I got in Thousand Trails Lake Whitney. I did some "cleaning" and laundry. Even cooked and cleaned my kitchen. As the night got darker, my rig got colder. I had two 30 lb tanks of LP when I left Deming,NM, just five days ago. I never thought I would use two 30 lbs bottles of LP in that amount of time. BUT...... I ran out of LP in the middle of the night. I had my electric heater on in my bedroom, but when it is 16 it just doesn't keep it warm. So out comes the Mr.Heater. With only two one pound cans of LP, I had to really limit my use. They say one will last up to four hours, but they won't. If you run them on low setting it might last three hours. So, I stayed awake all night, running it about 15 minutes at a time, getting the room warm, turn it off until it was so cold I couldn't take it, then turn it on again. About 7 am I started on my last bottle. At about a quarter of 8 am I called the Ranger and told him I needed help, that I was out of LP and about to freeze to death. He said he would send Randy, one of the maintenance men here. After about an hour, no Randy, I called again. This time Randy came. It was about 9:30 am by then. He left with my LP tanks, and at about 10:30 he returns. My last Mr.Heater bottle had just sputtered and was out. I thought thank God! Randy, knocked on my door, very upset. He said I had a LP leak and he had to turn it back off, for me to call my repairman, Jason.
So, I called Jason on his cell phone, and he happened to be in the park, so he came really fast.
He said both of the hoses were leaking! He didn't have one of them, and would be back. Finally around 12:30 he came back with the hoses and with in a few minutes had my heat on! He had to go several places to get the one hose he didn't have. My tanks are located one on each side, and connected in the middle by a pipe where the regulator is. Any how, I got my heat on, and went back to bed! This trip has been one from Hell, and has prompted me to look at senior apartments! I hate to give up my RV, in fact I am not one to give up on anything. I hold on like a "Bulldog". But I think there is a time when we all will have to hang up the keys. I think this may just be the time for me!


  1. Things go wrong in a stix and brix, too.
    But you would have the same view in your backyard every day, every day!
    Hurricanes, or whatever, knocks the power out for days on end, but if your house is on wheels, you just go somewhere else.

    Happy Trails, Penny, TX.

  2. Sorry to here about all of your troubles. If you do go into an apartment, maybe you could have a small camper van, so you could still travel.
    I think this cold winter has frustrated everyone.