Monday, February 21, 2011

Getting ready to move

My two weeks here at Thousand Trails Lake Whitney are up, so I have to move. I am going just down the road to Lake Whitney RV and Golf Resort (otherwise known as Sun Country). I will stay there seven days. I am getting so slow. Maybe I have always been slow, so I am getting slower! I made a fast trip to the grocery store, and while there my sugar dropped too low. Really hits me hard. I bought a candy bar and ate about half of it. Felt better by the time I got back to the park. Really hard to get into my RV with no steps! I just put the grocery's in the door way,pushed them in, and then climbed in. Put away the cold stuff. I started working on getting ready to move tomorrow. Got the sewer dumped, and the hose put away, WD40 my rear stabilizers and got them up. Getting the water unhooked was a job. I filled my holding tank with fresh water and unhooked the water. By that time I was played out. So I came in and rested and had dinner. Tomorrow I will have to move the furniture, put the rooms in, then hook the truck up and hopefully get that jack up that has no foot!
I haven't heard anything from the apartments, I really didn't expect to because of it being a Holiday. I did stop by and get the number to the senior housing apartments here in Whitney. I really didn't want to live here, but I know they are less money, and they are all one story duplex. 


  1. I'd think you would be better off in a ground floor place. I know I don't want to have to climb steps again if I can help it.

  2. Hope you hear from your appartment choice soon. Your steps really look bad. Maybe get a little plastic step stool to help you get in.