Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bluebonnets are in bloom!

Took a drive to Whitney,TX today and was amazed at the beautiful Bluebonnets! They are my favorite flower. They usually don't start their bloom until April. I guess all the spring rain we had helped them come out early. I took some stuff to my storage bldg. I had been carrying it around in my truck for a month! Had to have help getting the roll up door up, but it's working now. Whitney has a new McDonald's, so I make that my "pit" stop, as well as getting a bite to eat. I also drove through one of my old camping spots, Lake Whitney RV and Golf. Not much has changed in the last year. Roads into the property are still terrible. I managed to hit all the potholes! They have been working on the highway leading into Whitney for a year now, and it is finally about finished. I think there must have been a motorcycle group there this week end. So many bikes, girls and guys riding. Whitney has always been a "bike" town anyway. There are a lot of good roads around the lake and the State Park for riding, and you couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather! Was good to get out, and Kandi enjoyed the ride and some of my french fries. I order a small hamburger, and fries for me, and I get her a glass of water. She drinks out of the cup like a pro. Been trying to teach her how to use th sipper top, she gets it every where, but can do it. 

I am still not feeling up to par. Maybe I just need to "push myself" a little more.

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