Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Reading my Kindle

I have really enjoyed reading my Kindle, so much in fact, it keeps me from getting my work done!My eyes feel like they have saw dust in them. I just bought the $79.00 one, nothing fancy, it holds 1400 books, so I don't think I will ever fill it up. My only gripe is, I think it should have had a back light. If it does I haven't found out about it. Another thing, there was no instructions at all. Everything is online. That gripes me too. It has WiFi, so u must have WiFi to down load books, but, there is a way to do it from your computer. Another thing is the advertising, or screen savers, no way to do away with that. So, when it is turned off, the "screen saver" ads come on. Oh, well, I still really like it, and I am sure I will enjoy it for a long time to come.

I have about decided looking on e-Bay at RV's is not the thing to do. It just gets me in a dither! I get so frustrated at people who list their items with a reserve! Why aren't they honest and just say what they want for it in the first place. I have been selling on e-Bay for many years. I always list the item for the amount I am willing to accept, with maybe a buy it now price, so they won't have to wait until the auction is over. I think this is an honest way to sell, the buyer know up front what to expect. With a reserve, the purchaser doesn't know what that price is! That is what drives up the price. I always go to RADA.COM to look up RV prices, and KBB.COM for cars, and trucks. I know going in what I am willing to pay, so their reserve don't mean squat to me! So, from now on I will just go to the local dealers here to do my "looking."It would be kinda nice to see what you are looking at before you go.

Been a little under the weather the last two days, so I haven't done anything. It's been raining and storms anyway, so it was a good time to stay in bed!


  1. I looked at a Heartland on eBay from a dealer in Michigan. I really wanted info about the units and phoned the dealer to get some questions answered. He replied that he couldn't help me since I didn't know what I wanted. That swore me off eBay! I think an RV is too big an item to buy sight unseen anyway.

  2. In my opinion, Kindle Fire is the best e-reader device. I've downloaded so many eBooks from All you can books and I can have all of them in just one place - my online library. I also love that I can take it everywhere with me, instead of those heavy printed books.

  3. Enjoy that Kindle. Hope you can find the rig you are looking for soon.